Awards & Scholarships

Girls of the Month:
Every month we honor local high school students who have demonstrated outstanding contribution to the community and potential for a bright future.


Ruby Award  For Women Helping Women

This award is for a woman who makes extraordinary differences in the lives of other women. This person has improved the lives of women and girls, has had a significant impact on the lives of women and girls, and would inspire and encourage women. $1,000 award to charity of reipients choice.  Deadline for application is December 1st 

Nomination Form: Ruby Award Nomination Form

Submit Ruby Award application to

Distinguished Youth Scholarships

This award is given in recognition of outstanding contributions made by young people to home, school, community, country and world. Criteria for the award recipient is a graduating senior from any of the Eureka area high schools; has taken an active part in service in the home, school and/or community; shows a high degree of cooperation, courtesy and consideration for others: has demonstrated the ability to lead with self control, dignity and responsibility; and has pursued goals with commitment and purpose. Deadline for application is February 1st. $1,500 award.

Application: Distinguished Youth Scholarship

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Live Your Dream Award

“Live Your Dream” is a worldwide campaign to raise awareness of the issues women face and what can be done to help them.  We join Soroptimists throughout the world to recognize that women and girls face unique challenges.  The “Live Your Dream” campaign coincides with International Women’s Day.  Through this campaign light will be shed on women’s issues and resources provided to build a better life so that dreams can be lived in full.
This award gives a woman who is head of the household and faces financial difficulty in returning to school the opportunity to return to college or vocational school and create a better opportunity towards her career. $1,500 award. 
Deadline for application is November 15th.

Application: Live Your Dream Award Application

Submit Live Your Dream Award as instructed in the above link.  Reference Soroptimist International Humboldt Bay where prompted.

Re-Entry Award

Gives a woman again the opportunity to return to college who is single and without children to create a better opportunity towards her career. This award is for someone who is facing financial difficulties and has applied for the EOP program at their college of choice. $1,500 award (2 awards given each year) Deadline for application is November 15th.

Application: Re-Entry Award Application    Women Re Entry Reference Form
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Violet Richardson Award

This award is for a young woman between the ages of 14 and 18 who volunteers in her community or school.  $1,500 award.   Deadline for application is November 15th.

For More Information and Application: Application Form
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2018-19 Award Recipients:
Ruby Award: For Women Helping Women:
Katrina Taylor-Sims
Live Your Dream Award:
Heather Escareno
Women’s Re-entry Award:
Wiyaka Previte and Katrina Taylor-Sims
Violet Richardson Award:
Trishtan Flowers
Distinguished Youth Award:
Colton Johnston
Moving Forward Award:
Ying Lee
Women in Science Award:
Eve Robinson

Colton Johnston, Heather Escareno,Wiyaka Previte,Ying Lee, Trishtan Flowers, Eve Robinson, Katrina Taylor-Sims

City of Eureka Mayor Susan Seaman, award recipient Katrina Taylor-Sims and City of Eureka Councilmember Heidi Messner